Project Gallery

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Condominium - Orange Beach, AL

160,000 sq.ft. condominium featuring IntegraSpec® walls, balconies, turrets and parapet walls. Withstood the forces of Hurricane Ivan with minimal roof damage while surrounding structures were devastated.


Seniors / Retirement Home - Kingston, ON

87,000 sq.ft. three story structure featuring 6" IntegraSpec® exterior and interior demising walls, 8" IntegraSpec®  corridor walls, exclusive IntegraBuck and Headers system and a unique Exposed Concrete Face walls for the elevator shafts only available using IntegraSpec® patented independant panels.


Unique Stucco and Tall Wall Residence - Dothan, AL

20,000 sq.ft. residence featuring 6" to 12"  IntegraSpec® walls with high backfilling and high ceilings. Unique architectural detailing includes grooved cuts into the ICF panel exterior and additional reliefs around the windows, doors and sills, covered with stucco for a truly custom finish.


Fully Detailed Booth Display - Alabama Home Show, AL

This 10' x 20' home show booth is an fantastic display of the intricate  relief work that can be accomplished when using IntegraSpec® indepenadant ICF wall panels. Using different webs thickness and utned brickledge panels, the walls created their own detailing for a stucco finish.


Curved Retaining Wall -  Inverary, ON

IntegraSpec® ICF can also be used for retaining walls providing structural support with steel rebar reinforcingt and/or concrete thickness as required, while providing a perfect substrate for stucco or brick finishing.


5 Story Hotel - Tifton, GA

100,000 sq.ft. hotel situated just off a busy Interstate. Building features 6" IntegraSpec® exterior walls and 5" IntegraSpec® interior demising walls which easily replace 10" masonry units. Walls were completed in a much faster time period than conventional concrete masonry units as originally specified in the drawings.


Energy Efficient Excellence - Perth, ON

Approx. 1500 sq.ft. Bungalow ith a super energy efficient envelope design. Received a multitude of awards including R-2000 EnerQuality Corporation, Environmental Excellence Award Winner, 2000. Cement Assoc. of Canada, National Outstanding Energy Efficiency Award, 2001.  Canadian Home Builders Association EnviroHome Award. CMHC Healthy Home Award.


ICF Pilasters - TX

IntegraSpec® was the natural choice for this complcated foundation design with numerous pilasters. The patented  independant IntegraSpec® panels were easily cut and cross fit into the wall creating insulated pilasters structurally reinforced with steel using the webs to maintain spacing as required. Minimal strapping was required without additional forming material and the complete structure was poured in one lift.


Woodcliffe Park Apartments - Halifax, NS

150,000 sq.ft. 6 story apartment building was constructed using 6" IntegraSpec® exterior walls with parapets. IntegraSpec® was chosen by the Architect and Engineers for the long term energy efficiency, the superior winter construction process and the excellent reputation generated by the local distributor for quality performance.


Specialty Thick Walls - Kingston, ON Residence

This 2,800 sq.ft. home used mulitple webs to create a 24" thick wall required for the fireplace chase. The wall also acted as the exterior fireplace chase after reducing to 20". All other exterior walls were completed with IntegraSpec® 6" ICF walls to maintain the thermal integrity and featured brickledge panels to support the exterior brick finish.


Pinegrove Church - Joyceville, ON

10,000 sq.ft. design build meeting facility was constructed using 8" IntegraSpec® walls around full exterior with a very unique baptismal basin also constructed using IntegraSpec® ICF. Walls range from 12' to 36' at the highest point of the gables and support a clear span scissor truss roof system over 66' wide.


Curvaceous Residence - Ottawa,ON

8,000 sq.ft. home features 8" to 12" IntegraSpec® walls to accomodate high backfill heights and tall 12' ceiling heights. The patented IntegraSpec® independant panel design allowed for straight and brickledge panels to be easily scored and bent to provide the numerous radius and curved walls that the architect and homeowner designed.