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Residential Slide Shows..........

Anguilla Residence (Size: 1.4 MB)
Bahamas Residence (Size: 1.4 MB)
Barter Smokey Mountain Net Zero Home (Size: 2.4 MB)
Bell Residence (Size: 4.4 MB)
Birrs Ireland Residence (Size: 1.2 MB)
Byrne Point Residence (Size: 5.6 MB)
Casa Bella Verde (Size: 5.1 MB)
Dominick Residence (Size: 1.8 MB)
Dothan Residence (Size: 3.1 MB)
Fleet Landing FL Residential (Size: 2.2 MB)
Gourley Residence (Size: 2.0 MB)
Gray Residence (Size: 2.0 MB)
Greensburg, KS (Size:4.0 MB)
Hume Project - Ireland (Size: 2.1 MB)
Johnson’s Bay Residence (Size: 4.7 MB)

Lee Residence Florida (Size: 1.2 MB)
Llewellyn Residence (Size: 3.4 MB)
Lynch Residence Halifax, NS (Size: 3.4 MB)
Macomber Residence (Size: 4.1 MB)
Majumder Lower Level (Size: 3.6 MB)
Majumder Main Level (Size: 5.2 MB)
McCormick Residence, Ontario (Size: 1.3 MB)
Mississippi Flood Plane Home (Size: 2 MB)
Poon Residence, Net Zero Home (Size: 1.7 MB)
Priest's Manse, MI (Size: 1.1 MB)
Progresso Heights Belize (Size: 591 kb)
Raiser Airpark Home, Arizona (Size: 5.8 MB)
Reeve's Residence (Size: 2.2 MB)
Russell Residence - Maryland (Size: 632 kb)
Saunders Residence (Size: 1.4 MB)
Smotherman Residence (Size: 6.1 MB)


Commercial Slide Shows.........

Archery Range (Size: 967 kb)
Aspise Dental Center (Size: 716 kb)
Bancroft Health Centre (Size: 6.9 MB)
CFB Trenton Hospital (Size: 4.89 MB)
Christ Church (Size: 3.4 MB)
Conservatory Pond Retirement Home (Size: 4.1 MB)
(Size: 794 kb)
Dairy Barn Quebec (Size: 4.0 MB)
Fountain Center (Size: 5.1 MB)
Glades Medical Center Florida (Size: 841 kb)
Goodwill Store (Size: 3.5 MB)
Grande Caribbean Condo (Size:3.1 MB)
Guthrie County Hospital, Iowa (Size: 342 kb)
Holiday Inn Grand Opening (Size: 2.6 MB)
Holiday Inn Hotel (Size: 2.6 MB)
Horse Barn (Size: 4.53 MB)
Iowa Pump House (Size: 4.53 MB)
Islamic Center (Size: 3.0 MB)
Japan Slide Show (Size: 1.1 MB)

Kingsway School Nassau (Size: 1.7 MB)
Liverpool Hospital (Size: 1.7 MB)
Mountain Edge Resort (Size: 3.7 MB)
New London PEI Fire Hall (Size: 1.5 MB)
Peekskill NY Holiday Inn (Size: 5 MB)
Pine Grove Church (Size: 4.2 MB)
Portobello Manor (Size: 1.3 MB)
Ramekins (Size: 4.9 MB)
St. George & St. Anthony Church (Size: 2 MB)
South Lockport Medical Campus (Size: 2.6 MB)
Tifton Hotel (Size: 3.0 MB)
Trinidad Warehouse (Size: 4.3 MB)
Urology Clinic Orlando FL (Size: 276 kb)
Vali Elephant Barn (Size: 3.4 MB)
Vista Pointe Shopping Centre (Size: 2.8 MB)
Watermelon Barn (Size: 1.2 MB)
Western Wayne Elementary School (Size: 4.4 MB)
Woodcliffe Park Apartments (Size: 1.0 MB)

Technical Slide Shows...........

Technical Features

Technical Reviews & Articles

Test Reports

Intertek Type II EPS Properties Report

Intertek Permeance Report

STC Test Report


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